UL 969
Standard for Marking and Labeling Systems

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    1 Scope

    1.1 These requirements cover adhesive-attached labels for use as permanent nameplates or markers; bearing information, instructions, or identification in the form of text or pictographs. The adhesive may be pressure-sensitive, heat-activated, or solvent-activated. These labels are intended to be used by manufacturers for application to their products at their place of manufacture.

    1.2 These requirements also cover:

    a) Unprinted materials used by label converters to produce finished labels, such as blank label stocks, overlaminations, laminating adhesives and screen-printable adhesives;

    b) Specific combinations of label material, ink, and printing process evaluated as a system; and

    c) Labels that are intended to be mechanically affixed or molded into a plastic part.

    1.3 These requirements apply to marking and labeling systems used on complete devices, appliances, or equipment. The acceptability of a label system/material in a particular application is to be judged under the applicable requirements in the standard covering the device, appliance, or equipment on which the label system/material is used.

    1.4 Marking and labeling systems are evaluated for specific uses and for application to specific surface materials that are essentially smooth, flat, and rigid unless another surface configuration is specified by the manufacturer.

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            • 7.3 Marking and labeling systems for hazardous locations products
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