UL 842
Standard for Valves for Flammable Fluids

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Edition Date:2015-05-29DOD Approved: 1989-08-10
Price Code:BANSI Approved: 2017-10-26


    1 Scope

    1.1 These requirements cover valves that are intended to be used for the control of flammable fluids and their vapors. They are of the type commonly used in piping systems and in the assembly of motor fuel dispensing and fuel burning equipment. Valves covered by this standard are for use with flammable fluids which are handled at temperatures normally within the range of minus 29°C (minus 20°F) to 52°C (125°F).

    1.2 These requirements cover valves of the manually operated, pressure operated, or temperature operated types, or combinations of such to the exclusion of types operated wholly or partially by electricity. When they form a part of an assembly which provides for additional functions or service, the requirements are outside the scope of these requirements.

    1.3 These requirements do not cover the following:

    a)    Valves for handling liquids under cryogenic conditions.

    b)    Valves for general refinery service, offshore and pipe line terminals, natural gas processing plants, gas distribution systems, petrochemical processing facilities, or the like.

    c)    Constant-level oil valves and electrically operated valves.

    d)    Relief valves and pressure regulators for liquefied petroleum gas (LP-Gas) service.

    e)    Shutoff, emergency shutoff and check valves for liquefied petroleum gas (LP-Gas) in the liquid phase.

    f)    Manually operated gas valves of the plug and body or rotating disc type which are evaluated under the Standard for Manually Operated Gas Valves for Appliances, Appliance Connector Valves and Hose End Valves, ANSI Z21.15.

    g)    Valves covered by the Standard for Gas Appliance Pressure Regulators, ANSI Z21.18; the Standard for Automatic Valves for Gas Appliances, ANSI Z21.21; or the Standard for Gas Appliance Thermostats, ANSI Z21.23.

    h)    Hose nozzles.

    i)    Valves covered by the Standard for Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for Use in Gas Piping Systems up to 125 PSI (Sizes NPS 1/2 through NPS 2), ANSI/ASME B16.33 and Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for Use in Aboveground Piping Systems up to 5 PSIANSI/ASME B16.44.

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    • Cover
    • Transmittal
    • Table of Contents
      • Body
          • 1 Scope
          • 2 General
            • 2.1 Components
            • 2.2 Units of measurement
            • 2.3 Undated references
          • 3 Glossary
          • 4 Assembly
            • 4.1 All valves
            • 4.2 Shutoff valves
          • 5 Materials
          • 6 Bodies and Covers
          • 7 Seals and Stuffing Boxes
          • 8 Diaphragms
          • 9 Springs
          • 10 Operating Mechanisms
          • 11 General
          • 12 Deformation Test
          • 13 External Leakage Test
            • 13.1 Fuel gas valves
            • 13.2 Fuel gas valves intended to discharge to atmosphere
            • 13.3 Diaphragm-type fuel gas valves
            • 13.4 Liquid handling valves
          • 14 Seat Leakage Test
            • 14.1 General
            • 14.2 Liquid shutoff valves
            • 14.3 Fuel gas shutoff valves
          • 15 Operation Test
            • 15.1 General
          • 16 Fire Test
          • 17 Weak Section Strength Test
          • 18 Endurance Test
          • 19 Endurance Test – Mechanical Line Leak Detectors
          • 20 Hydrostatic Strength Test
          • 21 Moist Ammonia-Air Stress Cracking Test
          • 22 Tests of Synthetic Rubber Parts
            • 22.1 General
            • 22.2 Volume change test
            • 22.3 Weight loss test
            • 22.4 Accelerated aging test
          • 23 Marking Adhesion Test
          • 24 General
          • 25 General
        • MARKING
          • 26 General