UL 62
Flexible Cords and Cables

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Edition Date:2018-07-06DOD Approved: 1987-11-06
Price Code:CANSI Approved: 2018-07-06


    1 Scope

    1.1 General

    This standard specifies the requirements for flexible cords, elevator cables, and hoistway cables rated 600 V maximum and electric vehicle cables rated 1000 V maximum and intended for use in accordance with CAN/CSA C22.1,  Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, in Canada, NOM-001-SEDE,  La Norma de Instalaciones Electricas, in Mexico, and NFPA 70,  National Electrical Code (NEC), in the United States.

    1.2 Products included

    This standard covers the following products:

    a)    Service cords;

    b)    Elevator cables;

    c)    Hoistway cables;

    d)    Heater cords;

    e)    Range and dryer cords;

    f)    Cords for decorative lighting;

    g)    Tinsel and lamp cords;

    h)    Special use cords; and

    i)    Electric vehicle cables.

    1.3 National differences

    In cases where product types are not approved in all three countries, a national difference is indicated by superscripts, as shown below:

    Superscript letter

    National difference*


    For use in Canada only


    For use in Mexico only


    For use in United States only


    For use in Canada and Mexico only


    For use in Canada and United States only


    For use in Mexico and United States only

    *See Annex d for products recognized by their respective countries.

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    • Transmittal
    • UL Harmonized Standard Title Page
    • Table of Contents
      • Body
        • 1 Scope
          • 1.1 General
          • 1.2 Products included
          • 1.3 National differences
        • 2 Reference publications
        • 3 Definitions and units of measurement
          • 3.1 Definitions
          • 3.2 Units of measurement
        • 4 Construction requirements
          • 4.1 General construction requirements
          • 4.2 Thermoset-insulated cords (including range and dryer cords and special-use cords C and PD)
          • 4.3 Thermoplastic-insulated cords (including decorative and range and dryer cords)
          • 4.4 Heater cords – HSJOO, HSJOOW, HSJO, HSJW, HSJOW, HSJ, HPN, HPNW, and HPD
          • 4.5 Tinsel cords (TST, TPT, shaver cord)
          • 4.6 Elevator travelling cables – Types E, EO, ETT, and ETP
          • 4.7 Hoistway cables
          • 4.8 Electric vehicle cables
        • 5 Performance and test requirements
          • 5.1 Physical properties
          • 5.2 Electrical properties
          • 5.3 Tests for hoistway cables
        • 6 Marking
          • 6.1 General
          • 6.2 Product marking
          • 6.3 Optional markings
          • 6.4 Package marking
          • 6.5 Hoistway cables
          • 6.6 Recreational vehicle cord
          • 6.7 Mobile home and recreational vehicle cord
        • TABLES
        • FIGURES
    • Annex A (normative) Calculation method for fibrous braids
    • Annex B (informative)Insulated conductor identification
    • Annex C (informative)French and Spanish translations of caution markings
    • Annex D (informative)Products recognized by their respective countries