UL 61800-5-1
Standard for Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive Systems - Part 5-1: Safety Requirements - Electrical, Thermal and Energy

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    1 Scope

    This part of IEC 61800 specifies requirements for adjustable speed power drive systems, or their elements, with respect to electrical, thermal and energy safety considerations. It does not cover the driven equipment except for interface requirements. It applies to adjustable speed electric drive systems which include the power conversion, drive control, and motor or motors. Excluded are traction and electric vehicle drives. It applies to d.c. drive systems connected to line voltages up to 1 kV a.c., 50 Hz or 60 Hz and a.c. drive systems with converter input voltages up to 35 kV, 50 Hz or 60 Hz and output voltages up to 35 kV.

    Other parts of IEC 61800 cover rating specifications, EMC, functional safety, etc.

    The scope of this part of IEC 61800 does not include devices used as component parts of a PDS if they comply with the safety requirements of a relevant product standard for the same environment. For example, motors used in PDS shall comply with the relevant parts of IEC 60034.

    Unless specifically stated, the requirements of this International Standard apply to all parts of the PDS, including the CDM/BDM (see Figure 1).

    NOTE In some cases, safety requirements of the PDS (for example, protection against direct contact) can necessitate the use of special components and/or additional measures.

    1DV.1 Modification to add the following:

    DV.1.1 This document is only applicable to the power conversion and drive control equipment, servo drives and integral servo drive/motor combinations.

    DV.1.2 Only devices connected to line voltages of up to 1,5 kV a.c. are covered.

    DV.1.3 A component of a product covered by this standard shall comply with the requirements for that component. See Annex dva for a list of additional standards covering components used in the products covered by this standard.

    1DV.2 Modification to add the following:

    This equipment is for use in ordinary locations in accordance with Articles 430 and 440 of the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70.

    1DV.3 Modification to add the following:

    Specifications provided in other parts of the 61800 Series of Standards (for example EMC in part 3) apply only on agreement between the manufacturer and the customer.

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    • Cover
    • Transmittal
    • Table of Contents
    • UL Preface
    • Deviations
    • IEC Foreword
    • IEC Preface
      • ADJUSTABLE SPEED ELECTRICAL POWER DRIVE SYSTEMS – Part 5-1: Safety requirements – Electrical, thermal and energy
        • 1 Scope
        • 2 Normative references
        • 3 Terms and definitions
        • 4 Protection against electric shock, thermal, and energy hazards
          • 4.1 General
          • 4.2 Fault conditions
          • 4.2DV.1.1 Critical components
          • 4.2DV.2.1 Contactor overload
          • 4.2DV.3.1 Current limiting control
          • 4.3 Protection against electric shock
          • Bonding
          • Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 remote-control, signaling, and power-limited circuits
          • Measurement considerations
          • Feeder circuits
          • Special coatings
          • Special coatings
          • control circuit Wiring
          • Other than control circuit wiring
          • Flexing
          • Cord-connected equipment
          • Wire bending space for wires 8 AWG (8,4 mm) and greater
          • 4.3.13DV.1 control circuit Transformer grounding
          • 4.3.14DV.1 Transformers protection
          • 4.3.15DV.1 Blower motors
          • 4.3.16DV.1 Fuseholders
          • 4.4 Protection against thermal hazards
          • 4.4.6DV.1 Motor overload protection
          • 4.4.6DV.2 Motor overtemperature protection
          • 4.5 Protection against energy hazards
          • 4.6 Protection against environmental stresses
          • 4.7DV.1 Plenum rated drives
          • 4.8DV.1 Position of operating handles
          • 4.9DV.1 Auxiliary units
          • 4.10DV.1 Accessories
          • 4.11DV.1 Securement of live parts
          • 4.12DV.1 Provisions for mounting
          • 4.13DV.1 Phase reversal protection
          • 4.14DV.1 Capacitors
          • 4.15DV.1 Isolation devices
        • 5 Test requirements
          • 5.1 General
          • 5.2 Test specifications
          • Group Installation (Optional)
          • Enclosures
          • Earthing
          • Mounting
          • Branch circuit short circuit protection
          • Input/output wiring connection
          • Contactor overload
          • Current limiting control
          • 5.2.8DV.1 solid state motor overload protection test
          • 5.2.8DV.2 THERMAL MEMORY RETENTION test (shutdown)
          • 5.2.8DV.3 THERMAL MEMORY RETENTION test (loss of power)
          • 5.2.8DV.4 Speed sensitivity test
          • 5.2.9DV.1 Circuit functionality evaluation
          • 5.2.10DV.1 Production line dielectric voltage-withstand test
          • 5.2.11.DV.1 Production-line grounding-continuity test
          • 5.2.12DV.1 Cord and plug connected devices
          • 5.2.13DV.1 Clamped joint test
        • 6 Information and marking requirements
          • 6.1 General
          • 6.2 Information for selection
          • 6.2DV.2.1 Rating
          • 6.2DV.3.1 Class 2 circuit markings
          • 6.2DV.4.1 Multiple manufacturing locations
          • 6.3 Information for installation and commissioning
          • Tightening torque
          • Instructions and markings pertaining to accessories
          • 6.3.7DV.2.1 Branch circuit short circuit protection
          • 6.3.7DV.2.2 Branch circuit short circuit protection for group installation
          • 6.3.7DV.4.1 control circuit protection
          • 6.3.7DV.5.1 High available fault current – damage warning
          • 6.3.7DV.6.1 Cord-connected equipment overcurrent protection
          • 6.4 Information for use
          • 6.5 Information for maintenance
    • Annex A(informative)Examples of protection in case of direct contact
    • Annex B(informative)Examples of overvoltage category reduction
    • Annex C(normative)Measurement of clearance and creepage distances
    • Annex D(informative)Altitude correction for clearances
    • Annex E(informative)Clearance and creepage distance determination for frequencies greater than 30 kHz
    • Annex F(informative)Cross-sections of round conductors
    • Annex G(informative)Guidelines for RCD compatibility
    • Annex H(informative)Symbols referred to in this part of IEC 61800
    • Bibliography
    • Annex DVA(normative) Normative References and Component Standards
    • Annex DVB(normative) IEC to USA Standard References
    • Annex DVC(normative) Isolated Secondary Circuits and Circuits Supplied by Battery
    • Annex DVD(normative) Enclosures for use with Industrial Control Equipment
    • Annex DVE(normative) Motor Current Tables
    • Annex DVF(normative) Clearances and Creepage Distances (Spacing) Tables
    • Annex DVG(normative) Modular Drive Systems
    • Annex DVH(normative) CDM/BDM for Multiple Motor Applications