UL 6142
Small Wind Turbine Systems

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    1 Scope

    1.1 These requirements cover small wind turbine systems (WT) and electrical subassemblies. With respect to this standard, small WT are considered to be wind turbines where a user or service person cannot or is not intended to enter the turbine to operate it or perform maintenance. These units are intended for use in stand-alone (not grid-connected) or utility interactive applications. Utility-interactive, grid-tied WT are operated in parallel with an electric power system (EPS) to supply power to common loads.

    1.2 The WT power, control and protection systems are evaluated only to the extent that they function within the manufacturer’s specified limits and response times. These control and protection functions are evaluated with respect to risk of electric shock and fire. It is intended that the electrical subassemblies that address power transfer control and protection functions evaluated per this document are to be coordinated with the mechanical and structural limitations specified in AWEA 9.1,  Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard, the IEC 61400 series documents, or Germanischer Lloyd: Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines documents.

    1.3 These requirements do not cover:

    a)    WT generating systems intended for off-shore installation.

    b)    WT generating systems intended for hazardous locations;

    c)    Mechanical or structural integrity of the WT system or subassemblies;

    d)    Verification that the manufacturer-defined controls and protection limits maintain the WT system within its safe mechanical and structural limits;

    e)    Mechanical loading of ladders, hoist supports, elevator mounting means, scaffolding, personnel tie offs, or other personnel load-bearing functional parts.

    1.4 The wind turbine products covered by these requirements are intended to be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.

    1.5 The evaluation of products to this standard includes evaluation of all features and functions incorporated in or available for the turbine, or referred to in the documentation provided with the turbine, if these features or functions can affect compliance of the product with this standard.

    1.6 Turbines where a user or service person is intended or required to enter the turbine to operate or perform maintenance on the turbine are considered to be large wind turbine systems and are covered in the Outline of Investigation for Wind Turbine Generating Systems, UL 6140.

    1.7 These requirements cover WT rated 1500 Vac or less.

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    • Table of Contents
          • 1 Scope
          • 2 General
            • 2.1 Components
            • 2.2 Units of Measurement
            • 2.3 Undated References
          • 3 Glossary
          • 4 Special Components and Subassemblies of Wind Turbines
            • 4.1 General
            • 4.2 Wiring
            • 4.3 Splices and Connections in Power Cables
            • 4.4 Cable drip loop
            • 4.5 Bus bars
            • 4.6 Switchgear
            • 4.7 Panelboards
            • 4.8 Transformers
            • 4.9 Hub
            • 4.10 Converter/Inverter
            • 4.11 Lightning protection systems
            • 4.12 Slip rings
            • 4.13 Gearboxes
            • 4.14 Hoists and winches
            • 4.15 Fire alarms
            • 4.16 Emergency stop
            • 4.17 Cable trays and wireways
            • 4.18 Hydraulic electromechanical components
            • 4.19 Alternators, generators and motors
            • 4.20 Energy storage units
            • 4.21 Disconnect Devices
            • 4.22 Charge controllers
          • 5 Spacings
          • 6 Components and Circuits Rated or Operating between 601 and 750 Volts
          • 7 Grounding
          • 8 Safety Related Controls System (SRCS)
            • 8.1 General
            • 8.2 Protection functions
            • 8.3 Abnormal conditions for safety related controls system
          • 9 Utility grid interaction
            • 9.1 General
            • 9.2 Performance
          • 10 Manual Shutdown
          • 11 Self-Excitation
          • 12 Ratings
        • MARKINGS
          • 13 System and Subassembly Components
          • 14 Cautionary Markings
          • 15 General Installation, System, and Subassembly