UL 60950-23
Information Technology Equipment - Safety - Part 23: Large Data Storage Equipment

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    1 Scope

    This part of IEC 60950 specifies requirements for information technology equipment (ITE) with self contained data storage systems that contain hazardous moving parts. These data storage systems are typically large enough to permit a person to enter completely, however, the systems also include similar large equipment permitting complete limb or head access to the area containing hazardous moving parts. These requirements are additional to the relevant requirements in IEC 60950-1. The maximum three dimensional reach of a cartridge accessory assembly typically has a minimum motion envelop of 0,75 m3 or more.

    The equipments shall be installed in a RESTRICTED ACCESS LOCATION, such as a data centre. The exceptions for 2.1.3 and 4.5.4 (4.5.1 in IEC 60950-1, first edition) noted in of IEC 60950-1 do not apply to this Part 23.

    NOTE 1 An example of equipment covered by this scope is an automated information mass storage and retrieval system that uses integral hazardous moving parts for the handling of recorded media (for example, tape cartridges, tape cassettes, optical disks, etc.) and similar functions.

    This standard is not applicable to equipment with non-self-contained hazardous moving parts, such as robotic equipment installed in an industrial environment.

    NOTE 2 For standards related to robotic equipment in an industrial environment, see IEC 60204-1, IEC 60204-11 and ISO 10218.

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      • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT – SAFETY – Part 23: Large data storage equipment
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