UL 60947-4-2
Low-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear - Part 4-2: Contactors and Motor-Starters - AC Semiconductor Motor Controllers and Starters

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    1 Scope and object

    This standard applies to controllers and starters, which may include a series mechanical switching device, intended to be connected to circuits, the rated voltage of which does not exceed 1 000 V a.c.

    This standard characterizes controllers and starters with and without bypass means.

    Controllers and starters dealt with in this standard are not normally designed to interrupt short-circuit currents. Therefore, suitable short-circuit protection (see 8.2.5) should form part of the installation, but not necessarily of the controller or starter.

    In this context, this standard gives requirements for controllers and starters associated with separate short-circuit protective devices.

    This standard does not apply to:

    – continuous operation of a.c. motors at motor speeds other than the normal speed;

    – semiconductor equipment, including semiconductor contactors (see 2.2.13 of IEC 60947-1) controlling non-motor loads;

    – electronic a.c. power controllers covered by IEC 60146.

    Contactors, overload relays and control circuit devices used in controllers and starters should comply with the requirements of their relevant product standard. Where mechanical switching devices are used, they should meet the requirements of their own IEC product standard, and the additional requirements of this standard.

    The object of this standard is to state as follows:

    – the characteristics of controllers and starters and associated equipment;

    – the conditions with which controllers and starters shall comply with reference to:

    a)    their operation and behaviour;

    b)    their dielectric properties;

    c)    the degrees of protection provided by their enclosures where applicable;

    d)    their construction;

    – the tests intended for confirming that these conditions have been met, and the methods to be adopted for these tests;

    – the information to be given with the equipment, or in the manufacturer's literature.

    1DV Modification of 1 by adding the following:

    1DV.1 Circuit breakers used as short-circuit protective devices in combination starters and protected starters shall comply with the requirements of Annex dvb, Table dvb.3, Ref. No. 3. IEC 60947-2  Part 2: Circuit-breakers does not apply.

    1DV.2 Disconnect switches shall comply with the requirements of Annex dvb, Table dvb.3, Ref. No 1. IEC 60947-3  Part 3: Switches, disconnectors, switch-disconnectors and fuse combination units does not apply.

    1DV.3 Fuses used as short-circuit protective devices in combination and protected starters shall comply with the requirements of Annex dvb, Table dvb.3, Ref. No. 2.

    1DV.4 Molded case switches in combination with fuses used as short-circuit protective devices in combination starters shall comply with the requirements of Annex dvb, Table dvb.3, Ref. No. 3, and Annex DVB, Table dvb.3, Ref. No. 2.

    1DV.5 Clause 1.1DV.1.1 of part 1 is applicable.

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    • Cover
    • Transmittal
    • UL Harmonized Standard Title Page
    • Table of Contents
    • Deviations
    • IEC Foreword
    • Introduction
      • LOW-VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR AND CONTROLGEAR – Part 4-2: Contactors and motor-starters – AC semiconductor motor controllers and starters
        • 1 Scope and object
        • 2 Normative references
        • 3 Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
          • 3.1 Definitions concerning a.c. semiconductor motor control devices
          • 3.2 EMC definitions
          • 3.3 Symbols and abbreviations
        • 4 Classification
        • 5 Characteristics of a.c. semiconductor motor controllers and starters
          • 5.1 Summary of characteristics
          • 5.2 Type of equipment
          • 5.3 Rated and limiting values for main circuits
          • 5.4 Utilization category
          • 5.5 Control circuits
          • 5.6 Auxiliary circuits
          • 5.7 Characteristics of relays and releases (overload relays)
          • 5.8 Co-ordination with short-circuit protective devices (SCPD)
        • 6 Product information
          • 6.1 Nature of information
          • 6.2 Marking
          • 6.2DV.1 Markings
          • 6.2DV.2 Motor controller markings
          • 6.2DV.3 Overload relay markings
          • 6.2DV.4 Combination motor controller markings
          • 6.3 Instructions for installation, operation, and maintenance
        • 7 Normal service, mounting and transport conditions
          • 7.1 Normal service conditions
          • 7.2 Conditions during transport and storage
          • 7.3 Mounting
          • 7.4 Electrical system disturbances and influences
        • 8 Constructional and performance requirements
          • 8.1 Constructional requirements
          • 8.1DV.1 Constructional requirements
          • 8.1DV.2 Combination motor controllers
          • 8.2 Performance requirements
          • 8.3 EMC requirements
        • 9 Tests
          • 9.1 Kinds of tests
          • 9.2 Compliance with constructional requirements
          • 9.3 Compliance with performance requirements
          • 9.3.4DV.1 Enclosure
          • Selection of SCPD
          • Sample selection for overload relay
          • Standard fault current circuits
          • High available fault currents (Optional)
          • Protective devices
          • Procedure
    • Annex A(normative)Marking and identification of terminals
    • Annex BVacant
    • Annex C(normative)Co-ordination at the crossover current between the starter and associated SCPD
    • Annex D(normative)Requirements for radiated emission testing
    • Annex E(informative)Method of converting CISPR 11 radiated emission limits to transmitted power equivalents
    • Annex F(informative)Operating capability
    • Annex G(informative)Examples of control circuit configurations
    • Annex H(informative)Items subject to agreement between manufacturer and user
    • Annex I(normative)Modified test circuit for short-circuit testing of semiconductor motor controllers and starters
    • Annex J(informative)Flowchart for constructing bypassed semiconductor controllers tests
    • Annex K(normative)Extended functions within electronic overload relays
    • Annex DVA (normative) Devices Rated in Watts Horsepower
    • Annex DVB (normative) Reference Standards
    • Annex DVC(informative)Standards for Components
    • Annex DVD (normative) Clearances and Creepage Distances for AC Semiconductor Motor Controllers and Starters
    • Annex DVE (normative) Operations Tests for Solid State Motor Controllers with Reduced Voltage Starting Feature