UL 60335-2-89
Household and Similar Electrical Appliances - Safety - Part 2-89: Particular Requirements for Commercial Refrigerating Appliances with an Incorporated or Remote Refrigerant Unit or Compressor

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    1 Scope

    This clause of Part 1 is replaced by the following.

    This International Standard specifies safety requirements for electrically operated commercial refrigerating appliances that have an incorporated compressor or that are supplied in two units for assembly as a single appliance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (split system).

    1DV.1 Modification to replace the second paragraph in Clause 1 with the following:

    This Standard specifies safety requirements for electrically operated commercial refrigerating appliances that have an incorporated compressor or that are supplied in two units for assembly as a single appliance in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions (split system) and intended for use in accordance with:

    – CSA C22.1, Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code) Part I, in Canada;

    – NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC), in the United States.

    NOTE 101 Examples of appliances that are within the scope of this standard are


    – refrigerated trolley cabinets;

    – service counters and self-service counters;

    – blast chillers and blast freezers.

    As far as is practicable, this standard deals with the common hazards presented by these types of appliances.

    It does not cover those features of construction and operation of refrigerating appliances which are dealt with in ISO standards.

    NOTE 102 Attention is drawn to the fact that

    – for appliances intended to be used in vehicles or on board ships or aircraft, additional requirements may be necessary;

    – in many countries, additional requirements are specified by national authorities.

    NOTE 103 This standard does not apply to

    – domestic refrigerating appliances ( IEC 60335-2-24)

    – industrial refrigerating systems;

    – motor-compressors ( IEC 60335-2-34);

    – commercial dispensing appliances and vending machines ( IEC 60335-2-75);

    – commercial ice-cream appliances;

    – commercial ice makers;

    – cold temperature rooms;

    – multiple refrigerated chambers with a remote compressor.

    NOTE 104 Appliances with a charge of more than 150 g of FLAMMABLE REFRIGERANT in each separate refrigerant circuit are not covered by this standard. For appliances with a charge greater than 150 g of FLAMMABLE REFRIGERANT in each refrigerant circuit and for the installation, ISO 5149 may be applied. Consequently, such appliances cannot be assessed for safety using this part 2.

    1DV.2 Modification to add the following after the second paragraph:

    This standard also contains the requirements for:

    – commercial refrigerators and freezers for use in fuel dispensing facilities (Annex 101.dvd);

    – factory assembled walk in coolers (Annex 101.dve);

    – refrigerating units (Annex 101.dvf);

    – PARTIAL UNITS (Annex 101.dvg); and

    – dispensing units (Annex 101.dvh).

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    • Cover
    • Transmittal
    • UL Harmonized Standard Title Page
    • Table of Contents
    • Deviations
    • IEC Foreword
    • Introduction
      • HOUSEHOLD AND SIMILAR ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES – SAFETY – Part 2-89: Particular requirements for commercial refrigerating appliances with an incorporated or remote refrigerant unit or compressor
        • 1 Scope
        • 2 Normative references
        • 3 Terms and definitions
        • 4 General requirement
        • 5 General conditions for the tests
        • 6 Classification
        • 7 Marking and instructions
        • 8 Protection against access to live parts
        • 9 Starting of motor-operated appliances
        • 10 Power input and current
        • 11 Heating
        • 12 Void
        • 13 Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature
        • 14 Transient overvoltages
        • 15 Moisture resistance
        • 16 Leakage current and electric strength
        • 17 Overload protection of transformers and associated circuits
        • 18 Endurance
        • 19 Abnormal operation
        • 20 Stability and mechanical hazards
        • 21 Mechanical strength
        • 22 Construction
        • 23 Internal wiring
        • 24 Components
        • 25 Supply connection and external flexible cords
        • 26 Terminals for external conductors
        • 27 Provision for earthing
        • 28 Screws and connections
        • 29 Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation
        • 30 Resistance to heat and fire
        • 31 Resistance to rusting
        • 32 Radiation, toxicity and similar hazards
    • Annexes
    • Annex C(normative)Ageing test on motors
    • Annex D(normative)Thermal motor protectors
    • Annex P(informative)Guidance for the application of this standard to appliances used in warm damp equable climates
    • Annex AA(normative)Locked-rotor test of fan motors
    • Annex BB(normative)Non-sparking “n” electrical apparatus
    • Annex DVA(normative) North American additional requirements
    • Annex 101.DVA(normative) Supplemental requirements
    • Annex 101.DVB(normative)MCA Marking
    • Annex 101.DVC(normative)Accelerated aging tests – Gaskets
    • Annex 101.DVD(normative)Refrigerators and freezers intended for installation within a motor fuel dispensing facility
    • Annex 101.DVE(normative)Factory assembled walk-in coolers
    • Annex 101.DVF(normative)Refrigerating units
    • Annex 101.DVG(normative)Evaluation of partial systems
    • Annex 101.DVH(normative)Dispensing units
    • Annex 101.DVI(informative)Informative guidance
    • Annex 101.DVJ(normative)Pressure and fatigue test requirements
    • Annex 101.DVK(normative)Pressure regulating relief valve endurance test
    • Bibliography