UL 2849
Standard for Electrical Systems for eBikes

Edition Number:1SCC Approved:2020-01-02
Edition Date:2020-01-02DOD Approved: --
Price Code:BANSI Approved: 2020-01-02


    1 Scope

    1.1 This Standard covers the electrical system of eBikes powered by a lithium-based, rechargeable battery. EBikes include both Electrically Power Assisted Cycle (EPAC – pedal assist) and non-pedal assist eBikes.

    1.2 Electrical systems as referenced in 1.1, may include onboard components and off board components of eBikes. As a minimum, the electrical system consists of the drive unit, battery, battery management system (BMS), interconnecting wiring, and power inlet. Any additional components or systems required to demonstrate compliance are included based on the overall system application and risk.

    1.3 Off board components include dedicated chargers for charging batteries that are removed from the eBike during charging or dedicated chargers for charging batteries that are in place on the eBike during charging.

    1.4 This Standard does not cover the mechanical structure of the eBike unless specified otherwise.

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