UL 2802
Standard for Performance Testing of Camera Image Quality

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    1 Scope

    1.1 This standard defines a method to determine video camera digital image quality ratings through a series of performance based tests that are conducted on production camera units.

    1.2 The camera images analyzed for this test program are digital images that are generated by individual video frames or still image captures.

    1.3 Each camera tested will achieve a Performance Score for each of the individual tests (except Signal to Noise Ratio and Field of View), based on the test data generated.

    1.4 Typical applications of this document applies to security video cameras, digital video cameras and or analog cameras with associated digital encoders and related image viewing / configuration software, as applicable.

    1.5 The safety requirements that apply to cameras covered by this standard are defined in Section 4.

    1.6 Section 6 of this standard defines the test criteria and Section 7 defines the test methods used.

    1.7 The suitability of the camera for a specific use case is not determined by this standard. The resulting test scores are intended to provide objective information that will be useful when determining camera use applications (i.e. a camera that performs well in sensitivity and grey level tests may be a good choice for low light use cases).

    1.8 This standard performs an evaluation on a specific camera configuration that utilize image sensors, processors and software, operating system, lens, camera housing / body and the like. Changes to any of the cameras critical components may require reconducting the performance tests for each camera configuration.

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    • Cover
    • Transmittal
    • Table of Contents
      • Body
          • 1 Scope
          • 2 Undated References
          • 3 Terminology
          • 4 General
          • 5 Individual Performance Score Per Tests
          • 6 Video Camera Test
            • 6.1 Image resolution
            • 6.2 Field of view confirmation
            • 6.3 Signal to noise ratio
            • 6.4 TV distortion
            • 6.5 Relative illumination
            • 6.6 Dynamic range
            • 6.7 Maximum frame rate
            • 6.8 Grey level
            • 6.9 Sensitivity
            • 6.10 Bad pixel
            • 6.11 Veiling glare
            • 6.12 Markings
          • 7 Video Camera Test Method
            • 7.1 Image resolution test
            • 7.2 Field of view test
            • 7.3 Signal to noise ratio test
            • 7.4 TV distortion test
            • 7.5 Relative illumination test
            • 7.6 Dynamic range test
            • 7.7 Frame rate test
            • 7.8 Grey level test
            • 7.9 Sensitivity test
            • 7.10 Bad pixel test
            • 7.11 Veiling glare test
          • 8 References