UL 2783
Instant Hand Antiseptic Products

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    2 Scope

    2.1 This Standard covers instant hand antiseptic products designed for the away from home market and the consumer market.

    2.2 This Standard covers waterless hand sanitizers, waterless hand antiseptics, and professional hygienic hand rubs. For the purposes of this document, an instant hand antiseptic product refers to an antiseptic containing preparation designed for frequent application without a water rinse and which reduces the number of microorganisms on intact skin. Moreover, instant hand antiseptic products are be further defined as antiseptic containing drug products applied topically to skin to prevent infection, or to help prevent cross contamination. Disinfectant soaps, hand sanitizing products that require rinsing, patient preoperative skin preparations, surgical hand scrubs, and aerosols or wipes are beyond the scope of this standard.

    2.3 This Standard covers instant hand antiseptic products for the away from home market and the consumer, which encompasses healthcare and food service facilities, in addition to all other instances away from a personal residence. More specifically, this includes settings where emergency (including pre-hospital) care is provided, as well as in hospitals, complex continuing care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care homes, outpatient clinics, community health centers and clinics, physician and dental offices, in addition to health professionals, public health and home health care offices. With regard to the application in the food service industry, instant hand antiseptic products designed for use in establishments, businesses, and services that prepare and serve food away from a patrons’ home will be eligible for certification. Products designed for use in schools, offices, daycare services, and all other locations besides the consumer home market are also eligible.

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          • 1 General
          • 2 Scope
          • 3 Units of Measurement
          • 4 Undated References
          • 5 Glossary
          • 6 Product Specific Requirements
            • 6.1 Raw materials
            • 6.2 Prohibited and restricted substances
          • 7 Labeling Requirements
          • 8 Performance and Safety Requirements
          • 9 Environmental hazards