UL 1995
Heating and Cooling Equipment

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    1 Scope

    1.1 These requirements apply to the following stationary equipment for use in nonhazardous locations rated greater than 600 volts up to 7200 V, and remote control assemblies for such equipment:

    a)    Heat pumps, for heating and cooling with or without factory, or field-installed electric resistance heaters, or hot water or steam heating coils;

    b)    Air conditioners for cooling with or without factory, or field-installed electric resistance heaters, or hot water or steam heating coils;

    c)    Liquid chillers and compressor-evaporator or liquid chiller assemblies intended for use with remote condensers;

    d)    Add-on heat pumps for comfort heating or heating and cooling; and

    e)    Heat pump water heaters and refrigerant desuperheaters, and packaged heat pump water heaters consisting of a heat pump water heater and an associated storage tank;

    Note: The above equipment rated 600 V or less are covered by the scope of ANCE/CSA/UL 60335-2-40.

    1.2 These requirements apply to the following stationary equipment for use in nonhazardous locations rated 7200 V or less, single or 3-phase, and remote control assemblies for such equipment:

    a)    Cooling portion and associated components of combination heating and cooling equipment employing gas-, oil-, or gas-oil-fired heating means. However, the requirements for the construction and performance of the gas-, oil-, or gas-oil-fired heating means, and their associated components, shall conform to the particular standards covering such heating equipment and components;

    b)    Condensing units intended for connection to a remote nonspecified evaporator and compressor units intended for connection to a remote nonspecified evaporator and condenser; and

    c)    Room fan heater units, central heating furnaces, and similar fixed electric space heating for comfort heating.

    Note: The equipment mentioned in Clauses 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.13 are rated 7200 V or less, single or 3-phase. These products are not covered by the scope of ANCE/CSA/UL 60335-2-40.

    1.3 A fan unit includes a motor-operated fan or blower and is intended to be connected to a duct system that supplies conditioned air for environmental heating and/or cooling. Such a unit may have air-controlled dampers, but does not include a factory-installed heat exchanger or any other integral heating or cooling means.

    1.4 A fan coil unit includes a motor-operated fan or blower together with a cooling coil, a heating coil, or both. The fan or blower is intended to recirculate air, and can introduce air from outside of the heated or cooled space. The coil can be used for refrigerant cooling, for chilled water cooling, for hot water heating, for steam heating, or for combinations of these functions.

    1.5 A fan coil unit is intended to be piped to a remote source of the heating and/or cooling mediums. A unit that includes an electric resistance heater is considered to be a fan coil unit if a water or refrigerant coil for comfort cooling and/or a water or steam coil for comfort heating is provided in the unit.

    1.6 A room fan heater unit is intended for heating only, includes a motor-operated fan or blower, employs electric resistance heat as the only heat source, and is intended to serve only one room or space.

    1.7 A fan coil unit or electric space heating equipment, as covered by these requirements, can be designed for free discharge of air to the room or can be provided with means for duct connection.

    1.8 A central warm air furnace is a heating appliance that consists of an electric heating element or elements with an air-circulating fan or blower, is provided with appropriate integral operating and temperature-limiting controls, and is housed in an enclosure designed to be connected to ductwork for the distribution of the heated air remote from the unit.

    1.9 The units referenced in Clause 1.1 and 1.2 can consist of one or more factory-made assemblies. If provided in more than one assembly, the separate assemblies are to be used together, and the requirements are based on the use of matched assemblies. These requirements apply to assemblies designed for free discharge of air into the conditioned space as well as those which may be provided with means for duct connection.

    1.10 These requirements do not apply to add-on heat pump systems designed to utilize the indoor fan motor assembly of an installed furnace where:

    a)    The heat pump and furnace are intended to operate simultaneously during heating operation except as noted in the Exception to Clause 26.17; or

    b)    The refrigerant coil is intended to be mounted upstream (return air side) of the furnace.

    1.11 These requirements apply to equipment designed to be used in nonhazardous locations in accordance with the rules of CSA C22.1, ANSI/NFPA No. 70, CSA B52, ANSI/ASHRAE 15, NFPA 90A, and NFPA 90B.

    Note 1: Requirements for the installation of units designed to be connected to air duct systems are also included in codes such as the BOCA Basic National Mechanical Code, the ICC's Standard Mechanical Code, and the ICC's Uniform Mechanical Code.

    Note 2: Coolant distribution equipment are intended for use in an information technology room (ITE) that comples with NFPA 75.

    1.12 The values given in SI (metric) units are normative. Any other values given are for informational purposes only.

    1.13 Units intended for connection to telecommunication equipment are to have the appropriate assembly containing such circuitry meet CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 225 and UL 1459.

    1.14 The general requirements of CSA C22.2 No. 0 apply, except as follows:

    a)    “General Requirements”, Clause 3, and “Construction Details”, Clause 4 (refer to Clauses 2 through 36 of this standard);

    b)    “Marking”, Clause 5 (refer to Clauses 43, 44, and 45 of this standard);

    c)    “Tests”, Clause 6 (refer to Clauses 46 through 79 of this standard).

    1.15 These requirements do not cover panel or cable type radiant heating equipment, electric boilers, baseboard heaters, air heaters, duct heaters, and unit coolers for refrigeration purposes, nor any other electric heating equipment or appliances which are covered in or as a part of separate, individual standards.

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    • UL Harmonized Standard Title Page
    • Table of Contents
      • Heating and cooling equipment
        • Section
          • 1 Scope
          • 2 Definitions
          • 3 Reference publications
            • 3.9 Attachment plugs, receptacles, connectors, and terminals
            • 3.10 Controls
            • 3.11 Cords, cables, and internal wiring
            • 3.12 Light sources and associated components
            • 3.13 Marking and labeling systems
            • 3.14 Power supplies
            • 3.15 Printed wiring boards
            • 3.16 Switches
            • 3.17 Transformers
          • 4 Installation and operating instructions
          • 5 Enclosures
          • 6 Thickness of sheet metal enclosures for uninsulated live parts
          • 7 Openings in enclosures
          • 8 Enclosures, doors, and covers
          • 9 Accessibility of parts
          • 10 Assembly
          • 11 Mechanical protection
          • 12 Outdoor use equipment
          • 13 Enclosures, outdoor use
          • 14 Field wiring connections, outdoor use equipment
          • 15 Mechanical assembly – field assembly
          • 16 Auxiliary devices
          • 17 Connection to power supply
          • 18 Thermal insulation and air filters
          • 19 Terminal parts and leads for field wiring connections
          • 20 Internal wiring
          • 21 Separation of circuits
          • 22 Electrical insulation
          • 23 Motors
          • 24 Grounding and bonding
          • 25 Mounting of components
          • 26 Switches and controllers
          • 27 Transformers
          • 28 Capacitors
          • 29 Electric crankcase heaters
          • 30 Electric heaters
          • 31 Receptacles
          • 32 Control circuits
          • 33 Spacings
          • 34 Refrigerant, hot water, and steam coils
          • 35 Condensing and compressor units employing flammable refrigerants.
          • 36 Heat pump water heating and heat recovery equipment
          • 37 Power supplies
          • 38 Components and subsystems of solar photovoltaic systems
          • 39 Photovoltaic system grounding
          • 40 Photovoltaic system ground fault protection
          • 41 Photovoltaic system overcurrent protection
          • 42 Photovoltaic system disconnection means
          • 43 General
          • 44 Equipment markings
          • 45 Other markings
        • TESTS
          • 46 General test parameters
          • 47 Input test
          • 48 Temperature operation test – without any supplementary heating means
          • 49 Temperature operation tests–with hot water or steam heating
          • 50 Cooling operation test–temperature and pressure
          • 51 Heating operation test – temperature and pressure
          • 52 Abnormal temperature and pressure tests – refrigerant heat only
          • 53 Electric heater tests
          • 54 Abnormal temperature and pressure tests
          • 55 Backup protection tests
          • 56 Fan delay test – duct-connected downflow and horizontal units
          • 57 Control system failure test
          • 58 Fan motor failure test
          • 59 Motors for use with wave chopping solid-state speed controls
          • 60 Condenser water failure test
          • 61 Dielectric voltage–withstand test
          • 62 Condensate drain blockage test
          • 63 Loading test
          • 64 Limited short-circuit test
          • 65 Transformer – burnout test
          • 66 Transformer – overload test
          • 67 Rain test
          • 68 Accelerated aging tests
          • 69 Impact test
          • 70 Strength tests
          • 71 Fatigue test analysis
          • 72 Rupture member tests
          • 73 Fusible plug test
          • 74 Regulating relief valve endurance test
          • 75 Leakage current test – cord-connected products
          • 76 Starting test
          • 77 Strain relief
          • 78 Power supply cords
          • 79 Heat pump water heating and heat recovery equipment
          • 80 Ultraviolet light exposure test
          • 81 Water exposure and immersion test
          • 82 Heat pump pool heaters
          • 83 Flexing test
          • 84 Knockout security test
          • 85 Pressure tests for leakage and strength
          • 86 Production fatigue tests
          • 87 Production line dielectric voltage-withstand tests
          • 88 Production line grounding continuity test
          • 89 Ultraviolet radiation exposure test
            • 89.1 Resistance to UV-C radiation
            • 89.2 Ultraviolet (UV) irradiance test
          • 90 Controls – end product test parameters
            • 90.1 General
            • 90.2 Auxiliary controls
            • 90.3 Operating controls (regulating controls)
            • 90.4 Protective controls (limiting controls)
            • 90.5 Controls using a temperature sensing device
          • 91 Standards for components
          • 92 Other Standards and codes
    • ANNEX A (Informative)
    • ANNEX B (Informative)