UL 1678
Standard for Household, Commercial, and Institutional-Use Carts, Stands and Entertainment Centers for Use with Audio and/or Video Equipment

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Edition Date:2012-08-10DOD Approved: --
Price Code:CANSI Approved: 2017-03-24


    1 Scope

    1.1 These requirements apply to household, commercial, and institutional-use carts, stands and entertainment centers intended to provide a surface for the support or attachment of audio and/or video equipment.

    1.2 These requirements also apply to tall institutional-use carts and stands intended to provide a surface for the support of audio and/or video equipment that have a support bracket or shelf that is more than 39.4 inches (1 m) above the floor and are intended for use in schools, institutions, hospitals or similar locations where children or persons with diminished capacity are likely to move them or may be asked to move them.

    1.3 A furnishing intended to support audio and/or video equipment shall be evaluated in accordance with one of the following:

    a)    If the audio and/or video support system is an entertainment center or a stand with or without casters or wheels, this standard applies;

    b)    If the audio and/or video support system is intended to be mounted to walls, ceilings or another part of a building structure, the Standard for Wall and Ceiling Mounts and Accessories, UL 2442, applies;

    c)    If a cart, stand or support surface is supplied with the audio or video equipment by the manufacturer of the audio or video equipment, the requirements contained in the audio or video component standard apply. The Standard for Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus, UL 60065, or the Standard for Information Technology Equipment – Safety, UL 60950-1, as applicable to the product, applies.

    d)    Information Technology and Communications Equipment Cabinets, Enclosure and Rack Systems are investigated to the Standard for Information Technology Equipment – Safety – Part 1, UL 60950-1 or Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment – Part 1: Safety Requirements, UL 62368-1.

    1.4 These requirements do not apply to any electrical circuitry integral to or provided with a cart, stand or entertainment center.

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    • Cover
    • Transmittal
    • Table of Contents
      • Body
          • 1 Scope
          • 2 Glossary
          • 3 Components
          • 4 Units of Measurement
          • 5 References
          • 6 General
          • 7 Corrosion Protection
          • 8 Sharp Edges
          • 9 Securement of Supported Equipment
            • 9.1 General-use carts
            • 9.2 Tall institutional carts
            • 9.3 Multiple video display surfaces
          • 10 Ventilation
          • 11 Materials
          • 11A Materials
            • 11A.1 Flammability
            • 11A.2 Polymeric load supporting parts
          • 12 User Assembly
          • 13 Wheels, Rollers and Casters
          • 14 General
          • 15 Temperature Stability Test
          • 16 Tip Stability Test
            • 16.1 General
            • 16.2 Carts or stands intended to support or store audio and/or video equipment other than a television or having other general storage
            • 16.3 Carts, stands and entertainment centers having a support surface or mounting surface for a television
            • 16.4 Dynamic tip stability test for tall institutional carts and stands
            • 16.5 Force stability test
            • 16.6 Appurtenance stability test
            • 16.7 Multiple audio and video support surface test
          • 17 Loading Tests
          • 18 Handle Strength Test
          • 19 Appurtenance Strength Test
          • 20 Glass Parts – Impact Test
          • 21 Wheel, Roller, or Caster Securement Test
          • 22 Braking Test
          • 23 Adhesives Test
        • MARKINGS
          • 24 General
          • 25 Use and Care Instructions
    • APPENDIX B – TEST FIXTURE DETAILS(Refer to Figures 16.1 and 16.2)