UL 827B
Managed Video Services

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    1 Scope

    A managed video service provider delivers security services that incorporate video cameras and related equipment installed at protected properties to form all or part of an electronic security system. The managed video service provider employs staff located at a Managed Video Monitoring Station to view video streams, make situation-awareness informed decisions, interact with people or systems at a protected property, notify identified parties of events, or other services as detailed in a written agreement between the managed video service provider and its subscriber.

    Facilities housing a managed video monitoring station are designed to provide services in both normal and some abnormal conditions. The equipment installed at the protected properties may or may not be maintained by the managed video service provider.

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    • Table of Contents
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        • 1 Scope
        • 2 Technical Requirements
        • 3 Types of Managed Video Services
        • 4 Physical Protection
        • 5 Power Supply
        • 6 Continuity of Power Supply
        • 7 Communication Infrastructure
        • 8 Dishes and Other Directional Antennas
        • 9 Station Operation
        • 10 Personnel (operators)
        • 11 Event Processing
        • 12 Video Monitoring Equipment
        • 13 Notification
        • 14 Disruption of Communication
        • 15 Records
        • 16 Maintenance and Service