UL 827A
Outline of Investigation for Hosted Central Station Services

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    1 Scope

    The Hosted Central Station Services category provides a way for Central Station Service Providers (CSSPs) to partner with 3rd parties specializing in IT assets and/or service management on delivery of hosted central station services. Hosted services could cover a spectrum that runs from data center equipment co-location to Automation System as a Service (an alarm industry specific version of Software/Solution as a Service).

    Hosted Central Station Services enables CSSPs to make use of available Hosted Services without need for individual “start from scratch” compliance evaluation of those services.

    Each Hosted Central Station Certification is tailored to the particular services elements provided.

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    • Outline Title Page
    • Table of Contents
      • Body
        • 1 Scope
        • 2 Technical Requirements
        • 3 Requirements applicable to a Hosted Central Station Service Provider
        • 4 Secondary Power Sources
        • 5 Engine driven generator testing
        • 6 Redundant Site Options – Sec 17.8
        • 7 Virtualization
        • 8 Equipment Sharing
        • 9 Notifications in the Operating Room
        • 10 Requirements applicable to Central Station Service Provider (CSSP) partnering with a Hosted Service Provider