UL 746H
Outline of Investigation for Non-Halogenated Materials

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    1 Scope

    1.1 These requirements cover tests and evaluation for the assessment of materials intended for various applications as non-halogenated or non-chlorine and non-bromine.

    1.2 These requirements cover combustible materials including insulating materials and devices (e.g. plastics, printed-wiring boards, insulating materials and systems, labels, tape, tubing and sleeving), color concentrates, and wire and cable compounds.

    1.3 The requirements may be applied to other material types if found to be appropriate.

    1.4 The final acceptance of a material meeting the non-halogenated or non-chlorine and non-bromine requirements in this standard is dependent upon its use in or as a complete product that complies with the requirements in the standard applicable to such a product.

    1.5 The flammability, toxicity or environmental risks associated with non-halogenated or non-chlorine and non-bromine materials in any form, or the acceptability of these materials for uses other than indicated, are not within the scope of these requirements.

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          • 1 Scope
          • 2 Glossary
          • 3 Units of Measurement
          • 4 Undated References
          • 5 Samples
          • 6 Halogen Content Determination
          • 7 Evaluation of Test Results
          • 8 Report
          • 9 General
          • 10 Test Procedures