UL 2579
Outline of Investigation for Low-Voltage Fuses - Fuses for Photovoltaic Systems

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    1.1 Scope

    This Outline of Investigation applies to Fuses for Photovoltaic Systems rated up to 1500 V dc.

    Fuses for Photovoltaic Systems are intended to be used for the protection of strings or arrays of Photovoltaic cells and their associated wiring to provide protection against overloads or low-level short circuits. These types of fuses are not intended to protect downstream inverter components, such as capacitors or the discharge of such capacitors back into the arrays or the array wiring above the fuse interrupting rating.

    These fuses may also have integral wiring terminations intended for in-line connection in a photovoltaic system, such as connection to or between PV modules or panels.

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    • Outline Title Page
    • Table of Contents
      • Body
        • Low-Voltage Fuses – Fuses for Photovoltaic Systems
          • 1 General
            • 1.1 Scope
          • 4 Classification
          • 5 Characteristics
            • 5.2 Voltage rating
            • 5.4 Frequency
            • 5.5 Interrupting rating
          • 6.1 Marking of fuses
          • 7 Construction
          • 8 Tests
            • 8.2 Verification of temperature rise and current-carrying capacity
            • 8.3 Verification of overload operation
            • 8.4 Verification of operation rated voltage
            • 8.5 Verification of peak let-through characteristics and It.
          • 9.0 Service Environment Conditions
            • 9.1 Verification of freedom from unacceptable levels of thermally induced drift
            • 9.2 Verification of functionality at temperature extremes
          • 10.0 Current Cycling