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Standard 9540, Edition 2

Standard for Energy Storage Systems and Equipment

UL CSDS Proposal
Standard 9540, Edition 2 Edition Date: October 18, 2019 $0.00
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Subject 9540

Bulletin Dated: October 18, 2019


The following topics for the Standard for Energy Storage Systems and Equipment, UL 9540, are being recirculated:

1. The proposed second edition of ANSI/CAN/UL 9540 with the following changes: (a) Addition of UL 1973 to Appendix A Component List, (b) Addition of ISO Functional safety standards, (c) Revision of grounding and bonding system construction, (d) Revision of the strength of enclosure walls and supports requirements, (e) References to required signage and instructions, (f) Deletion of non-mandatory language throughout standard, (g) Revision of scope language for clarity, (h) Revisions to the Fire Detection and Suppression Section, (i) Proposed addition of new 32.4.6, (j) Revision to Mechanical Tests for Clarification, (k) Clarification of 1.2, (l) Revision of 6.4, harmonization with other existing standards, (m) Enclosure materials for outdoor installations, (n) Short Circuit Exposure Evaluation, (o) Clarification of Scope, (p) Clarifications of Component and Normative Reference Section, (q) Clarification of corrosion requirements for Enclosures, (r) Revisions to make the use of term “energy storage system” consistent throughout entire standard, (s) Clarification of Instructions for Worker Safety, (t) Revisions to Clarify Intent and Application of 11.1 and 12.2, (u) Clarifications of system requirements for where the system is installed, (v) Clarification of the Intended Environment, (w) Clarification of Bonding and Grounding Requirements, (x) Clarifications of 17.1 and 18.1, (y) Clarification of 21.1, (z) Clarification of 32.2.2, (aa) Clarification of 40.4 and 40.5, (ab) Clarification of 11.2, (ac) Addition of requirements for Residential ESS, (ad) Addition of production checks on electronic controls, (ae) Addition of requirements for Quality Control of production, (af) Additional testing options, (ag) Addition of a wall mount fixture test for wall mounted ESS, (ah) Addition of Normative Appendix D for alternative lead acid or ni-cad battery system evaluation, (ai) Revision of 12.3 to add short circuit protection, (aj) Addition of Informative Appendix E for Guidance on Capacity and Separation Distance Limits for ESS, (ak) Addition of EMC testing, (al) Revision of utility grid interaction reaction requirements, (am) Clarification of the scope, (an) Clarification of Vapor concentration requirements, (ao) Addition of emergency contact marking, (ap) Clarification of flame test surface area; aq) Addition of 8.2 and Appendix F

2. Revisions for electrochemical ESS above 20 kWh.

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