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Standard 1008, Edition 8

Standard for Transfer Switch Equipment

UL Red Line
Standard 1008, Edition 8 Edition Date: September 24, 2018
Summary of Topics s1008_8_sum.html

Summary of Topics

This revision of ANSI/UL 1008 is being issued to incorporate the following changes:

Revision to Add Recreational Vehicle Transfer Switches to the Scope of UL 1008

Revisions to Address the Grounding and Bonding of Neutral Circuits

Revision to the Overload, Endurance, and Short Circuit Testing

Miscellaneous Revisions Regarding Inlet Assemblies, Mechanical Interlocking of Single Pole Inlets and Readily Accessible Service Disconnect Switches

Revisions Regarding the Use of "Circuit Breaker Based" Transfer Switches and Compliance with Service Disconnecting Requirements

Revision for Consistency with UL 50E Rain Test

Revisions to Annex E to Cover Freestanding Complete Packaged Fire Pump Power Transfer Units

Revisions to Address System Available Fault Calculations for Momentary Paralleling Situations

Clarification of Marking Requirements

Revised Requirements for Monitoring the Temperature on Inlets

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