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Standard 751, Edition 9

Standard for Vending Machines

UL CSDS Proposal
Standard 751, Edition 9 Edition Date: June 29, 2018
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Subject 751

Bulletin Dated: June 29, 2018


The following changes in requirements to the Standard For Safety For Vending Machines, UL 751 are being proposed.

1. Proposed Revisions To Update Requirements For Controls

2. Proposed Revision To And Addition Of Requirements To Prevent Remote Shut-Off Of Vending Machines

3. Proposed Revisions To Clarify The Scope Of The Standard

4. Proposed Revisions To And Addition Of Requirements To Address Switch Mode Power Supply Units Increasingly Used In Vending Machines

5. Proposed Revisions To Clarify Requirements For Vending Machines Having Two Supply Cords

6. Proposed Revisions To Marking Requirements To Clarify Application Of UL 969 Requirements

7. Proposed Revisions To EMI Filter Requirements To Specify An Alternate Compliance Option

8. Proposed Editorial Revisions To Clarify The Compliance Criteria Of the Leakage Current Test

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