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Standard 867, Edition 5

Standard for Electrostatic Air Cleaners

UL CSDS Proposal
Standard 867, Edition 5 Edition Date: March 02, 2018
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Subject 867

Bulletin Dated: March 2, 2018


The following changes in requirements to the Standard for Electrostatic Air Cleaners, UL 867, are being proposed:

1. Proposed Clarifications and Addition of Alternate Method For Evaluating Protective Electronic Circuits and Controls Using Requirements Based on UL 60335-1

2. Addition of Requirements for Remotely Operated Electrostatic Air Cleaners

3. Update of Motor-Protection Requirements

4. Clarifying and Simplifying Wording of Ozone Test Requirements

5. Nonmetallic Parts Requirements

6. Clarifications to the Permanently and Cord-Connected Requirements

7. Alternate Power Supplies

8. Transformers and Insulating Materials

9. Addition of Reference to New Capacitor Standard

10. Rain and Gasket Tests

11. Strain Relief Test

12. Requirements Specifying Minimum Circuit Ampacity and Maximum Overcurrent Protective Device Size

13. Universal Serial Bus (USB) Powered Products

14. Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test Clarifications

15. Openings Underneath Wiring

16. Wiring Subjected to Movement

17. Protection Against Injury to Persons

18. Permanently-Connected Products Located in Concealed Space of a Building

19. Cord-Connected Conversion to Permanently-Connected Products

20. Spacings

21. Editorial Clarifications

22. Clarification to Marking Requirements

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