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Standard 1449, Edition 4

Standard for Surge Protective Devices

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Standard 1449, Edition 4 Edition Date: July 14, 2017
Summary of Topics s1449_4_sum.html

Summary of Topics

Revision pages have been issued for the Standard for Safety for Surge Protective Devices, UL 1449, to reflect the latest ANSI approval date and to incorporate the following proposals:

• Revision to PV SPD requirements, Supplement SA.

• Revision to DC SPD requirements, Supplement SB.

• Field wiring terminals.

• Clarification of Table 12.1.

• Clarifications regarding capacitors.

• PTC-MOV combination SPDs.

• Scope revision and clarification of Withstand Test.

• SPDs in high altitudes.

• Add exception to allow markings on the smallest shipping container.

• Clarification of the Inclined Plane Tracking Test.

• Type 3 SPD with hospital grade receptacles.

• DPI SPDs for outdoor use.

• Revision to Tables 46.1 and 47.1 specifying when MCOV not applied.

• Revision to add DC requirements to

• Revision to Clause 23 regarding electromagnetic relays.

• Clarification of repeated VPR measurement.

• Clarification of paragraph 19.4.

• Add exception 4 to paragraph 44.4.1.

• Revisions to Tables 46.1 and 47.1.

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