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Standard 1993, Edition 5

Standard for Self-Ballasted Lamps and Lamp Adapters

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Standard 1993, Edition 5 Edition Date: May 10, 2017
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Summary of Topics

This revision of ANSI/UL 1993 dated March 26, 2021 includes the following changes in requirements:

– Copper-alloy screw bases and moist ammonia air stress cracking test option for copper alloys; 6.1.2, Table 6.0A, Table 8.1, 8.20 and Table 8.3

– Maximum conductive length of Edison screw bases; 6.1.5, 6.1.6, Table 6.0B, Figure 6.1 and 8.10A

– Evaluation of tack-soldered electrical connections; 6.2.2 and 8.21

– Drop impact test determination for severely damaged lamps; SA8.8.2, SA8.8.4, Figure SA8.0, Table SA10.1 and SA10.4.3

– Thickness of meal G5 and G13 lamp bases; 5.1.3, 6.1.7, and 6.1.7

– Lamps with movable joints; 5.5, Table 8.1, 8.22, 8.23 and Table 8.4

– Revision to Type A lamps – Revisions to HF test source; SC4.1.2, SC4.1.3 and SC4.1.4

– Additional requirements for evaluating LED lamps as direct replacements for specific high intensity discharge (HID) lamps; 2.1 and Supplement SD

– Type A/B tube lamp markings; SA10.4.4, SA10.2.8 and Table SA10.1

– Linear LED lamps; SA1.6, SA5.4.2, SA8.5.3, SA8.5.6, SA3.10A, SA6.14A, SA8.24 and SA8.5.5

– Temperature Test - LED Lamps; SA8.5.6 and SA8.5.7

– Addition of Supplement SE - Special Use Lamps; 1.6, Table 5.2, and Supplement SE

– New Test, Construction, and Marking requirements for LED Lamps with Integral Rechargeable Batteries; Supplement SF

– Miscellaneous editorial updates;, SA6.13.4, SA8.19.3

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