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Standard 1694, Edition 3

Standard for Tests for Flammability of Small Polymeric Component Materials

UL Bulletin
Standard 1694, Edition 3 Edition Date: April 06, 2015 $203.00-$254.00
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Subject 746A (94, 746B, 746C, 746D, 1692, 1694)

Bulletin Dated: April 6, 2015


The following topics were discussed at the meeting of the Standards Technical Panel for Polymeric Materials:

1. Inclined Plane Tracking Test (746A)

2. Fixed Temperature Evaluation for Exceptionally Durable Materials (746B)

3. Clarification Between Short Term Properties (UL746A) and Long Term Properties (UL746B) within Table 9.1 (746A)

4. Starting Test Voltage for CTI (746A)

5. Increase Generic Relative Thermal Index for PEI (746B)

6. Inclusion of UV and Water Immersion Testing in Table 9.1 for Addition, Deletion, or Change in Level of Colorant/pigment Loading (746A)

7. Clearance Gauge for 50W (20 mm) Vertical Burning Test; V-0, V-1, or V-2 (94)

8. Concentrations of UV-Stabilizer in Table 9.1 (746A)

9. Accelerated Heat Aging Evaluation by Thermal Analytical Tools In Accordance with IEC TS 60216-7-1 (746B)

10. ANSI Reaffirmation Balloting During 2015 (1694)

11. Publishing Cycles for Standards Covered Under the 746 STP

12. Improvements Being Considered for the HAI Test Method (746A)

13. HWI Test Procedures (746A)

14. How the 746 STP Evaluates Proposals for New or Higher Generic RTIs

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