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Standard 1278, Edition 4

Standard for Movable and Wall- or Ceiling-Hung Electric Room Heaters

UL Bulletin
Standard 1278, Edition 4 Edition Date: March 20, 2015 $398.00-$497.00
Summary of Topics m1042_5_20150320_sum.html

Subject 1042 (1278, 2021)

Bulletin Dated: March 20, 2015


The following topics were discussed at the meeting of the Standards Technical Panel for Electric Room Heaters and Related, STP 1042:

1. Status Report of UL 1278 Task Group - Requirements for Smart Enabled Movable and Wall-or Ceiling Hung Electric Room Heaters

2. Clarification of Heaters Requiring Cord Tag Markings in Section 69.3 of UL 1278

2A. Additional Topic Regarding Updates to the References to “Authorized Service Facility” in Cord Tag Markings and Instructions

3. Wall-mounted Heaters Located Near Ceiling Height in UL 2021

4. Miscellaneous UL 1278 Revisions

5. Additional Topic Regarding a Proposal for Polymeric Materials Enclosure Requirements in UL 1278

6. Additional Topic Regarding the Allowed Use of “S” Type Power Supply Cords vs. “H” Type Cords in UL 1278

7. Additional Topic Regarding a New Requirement for Soldering Internal Connections in UL 1278

8. Additional Topic Regarding Wire Size AWG for Internal Wiring Based on Current in UL 1278

9. Additional Topic Regarding a Previous Task Group formed for Heater Plugs

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