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Standard 2054, Edition 2

Standard for Household and Commercial Batteries

UL CSDS Proposal
Standard 2054, Edition 2 Edition Date: May 22, 2009
Summary of Topics b2054_2_20090522_sum.html

Subject 2054

Bulletin Dated: May 22, 2009


The following topics for the Standard for Household and Commercial Batteries, UL 2054, are being recirculated:

1. Replace "Component Cell" with "Cell" Throughout the Standard

2. Deletion of "User Replaceable" for Secondary Lithium Cells

3. Addition of the Definition for "Enclosure" to the Glossary; Revision to the Definition of "Casing" for Clarification

4. Battery Construction

6. Short-Circuit Test

7. Abnormal Charging Test

8. Abusive Overcharge Test

9. Forced-Discharge Test

11. Addition of Battery Pack Component Temperature Test as New Section 13A and Addition of Battery Pack Surface Temperature Test as New Section 13B

13. Conversion to SI Units and Inclusion of Tolerances

16. Mold Stress Release Test

17. Drop Impact Testing for Low Temperatures

20. New Section 26 for Markings and Instructions for Secondary Lithium Battery Packs

21. Addition of Appendix A

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