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Standard 555, Edition 7

Standard for Fire Dampers

UL Bulletin
Standard 555, Edition 7 Edition Date: May 22, 2008 $398.00-$497.00
Summary of Topics m0555_7_20080522_sum.html

Subject 555 (555C, 555S)

Bulletin Dated: May 22, 2008


The following topics were discussed at the meeting:

1. Addition of Test Procedure for Fire Dampers Installed Outside the Fire Wall Plane (UL 555)

2. Addition of Multiple Section Rapid Closure Dynamic Damper Testing (UL 555)

3. Revision of Cycling Test (UL 555)

4. Deletion of Metallic Coating Thickness Test (UL 555C)

5. Addition of Procedure for Testing Ceiling Dampers Rated for Dynamic Systems (UL 555C)

6. Revision to Address Internal Actuator Testing Being Worst Case (UL 555S)

7. Addition of Procedure for Testing Multiple Section Damper Assembly (UL 555S)

8. Addition of Long Term Holding Test (UL 555S)

9. Revision of Cycling Test (UL 555S)

10. Additional STP 555 Agenda Topic Regarding Corridor Dampers

11. Additional STP 555 Agenda Topic Regarding Reference to UL 263 and the Fire Endurance Test in the Scope of UL 555C

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