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Standard 813, Edition 7

Standard for Commercial Audio Equipment

UL CSDS Proposal
Standard 813, Edition 7 Edition Date: June 06, 2006
Summary of Topics m60065_7_20060606_sum.html

Subject 60065 (6500, 1492, 813, 469)

Bulletin Dated: June 6, 2006


The following topics were discussed at the meeting:

1. Task Group Reports - Battery Task Group

2. Task Group Reports - Bathroom A/V Task Group

3. Task Group Reports - Wall Mount Task Group

4. Proposed Rubbing Test Exemption of Sub-clause 5.1

5. Marking Requirements for Power Over Ethernet (POE) Equipment

6. Revised External Candle Flame Ignition Proposal

7. Touch Current Limits for Class II A/V Apparatus Used in Health Care Facilities

8. LCD Inverter Circuits

9. Dual Power Supply Cords

10. Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs)

11. Update on 2005 NEC Changes

12. Harmonization Updates on IEC 60065, Amendment 1, versus UL 60065, 7th edition

13. Clarification on Annex M with Regard to "Wall or Ceiling Mounting Brackets"

14. Clarification on Whether the Surge Test in Sub-clause 10.1 in UL 6500 is Applied to Video Display Without an Antenna but "could" be Interconnected with a Tuner

15. Standardized Television to Wall and Ceiling Mount Interface

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