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Standard 1429, Edition 4

Standard for Pullout Switches

UL CSDS Proposal
Standard 1429, Edition 4 Edition Date: November 23, 2005
Summary of Topics m0067_11_20051123_sum.html

Subject 67 (98, 869A, 891, 977, 1429)

Bulletin Dated: November 23, 2005


The following topics were discussed at the meeting:

1. Alignment of Ratings/Overload/Endurance Tables (UL 98 and UL 1429)

2. Development of Requirements for Power Distribution Equipment to be Used in Solar Photovoltaic Systems (All Standards)

3. Horsepower rated General-Use and Motor-Circuit Switch Test Parameters for Endurance Test (UL 98)

4. Marking Limitations for Motor-Circuit Switches (UL 98)

5. Clarification of Testing Requirements for Motor-Circuit Switches (UL 98)

6. Other Non-STP Business: Development of Category for Listed Panelboard and Switchboard Accessories. (UL 67 and 891)

7. Suitability of Existing Requirements for "Separation for Class 2 and Class 3 Circuits" (UL 67)

8. On-Off Position of Switch Handles (All Standards)

9. Screws Intended for Field Tightening and Located in the Back of Enclosures (UL 98)

10. Updating of Ground-Fault Protection Requirements to Address use of Rating Plugs (UL 891 and 67)

11. Surface Mounted vs. Flush Mounted Enclosed Panelboards

12. Open Bottom Panelboard Enclosures

13. Operating Handle Positioning (UL 98)

14. Minimum Spacings (UL 98)

15. Transfer Switches (UL 67, UL 98)

16. Discussion of Comments Received for UL 67 Proposal Bulletin Dated July 15, 2005

17. Agenda Items Requested by Tim Crnko, Cooper Bussman (UL 67, UL 98, UL 869A, UL 891, UL 977)

18. Insulation Material Requirements for Enclosed and Dead-Front Switches (UL 98)

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